10.5.4 Adjusting the Backrest Height
• Loosen the screw (1) that holds the back upholstery.
• Pull backrest upholstery down several centimetres in order to
access screw (2) that holds the push handle.
• Remove screw (2) and the backrest handle.
• To adjust the backrest height, with the help of a threaded rod
(¼”-20), move the dowel nut (3), which is located inside the
• Once this step is completed, use screw (2) to hold the dowel
nut (3) while removing the threaded rod.
• Remove screw (2) and reinstall backrest handle.
• Align screw (2) with the mounting hole.
• Reinstall and tighten screw (2) and the washer.
• Repeat the same steps on the other side.
• Reinstall the backrest upholstery with screw (1) and tighten to
fit snugly.
10.5.5 Installing/Removing Standard Seat
• Remove screw (1) that holds the back
• Pull backrest upholstery down several
centimetres to gain access to screw (2),
which holds the push handle.
• Remove screw (2) and then remove the
backrest handle.
• Remove or install back upholstery.
• Once, the new back upholstery is
installed, reinstall the handles by aligning
them with the mounting holes.
• Reinstall and tighten screw (2) firmly.
• Install back upholstery at and fix it firmly
with screw (1) on each back cane.
10.6 Armrest
10.6.1 Installing Flip-back Armrests
• Insert the flip-back pivot (1) and screw it in place, making sure
it stays in place but can rotate easily.
• Insert the armrest (2) on the flipback pivot than rotate it until
it clicks with the front clamp (for clamp installation, see 10.6.3
installing removable T-armrests).
10.6.2 Adjusting the height of Flip-back armrests
• Flip lever (1) left or right to unlock the armrest.
• To adjust height, slide the upper part of the armrest into the
lower part.
• Adjust the structure (2) at the desired height.
• Flip the lever back to the closed position.
• Make sure the armrest clicks in place for complete
10.6.3 Installing removable T-armrests and rigid
• Install clamp (1) on the
upper tube of the frame at a
distance of 160mm (6 1/4”)
from the rear tube of the
• Slightly tighten screws (2) to
allow the clamp to rotate.
• Insert armrest or sideguard
into clamp (1).
• Rotate clamp (1) until the
sideguard is perpendicular to
the seat.
• Tighten screws (2) firmly.
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