10.8 Seat
It may be difficult to unfold the wheelchair if the seat
upholstery has been installed too tight.
10.8.1 Replacing Seat Upholstery
• Remove end cap (1).
• Slide in new seat
• Reinstall end cap (1)
• Adjust tension with the
velcro located under the
seat upholstery.
• Fully open the
wheelchair and make
sure the upholstery
is tight. The seat rails
must be snapping easily
in the seat rail supports.
• Firmly tighten all screws
on the seat rails.
10.9 Seat-to-floor height
Any modification to the seat-to-floor height involves adjustment
of anti-tippers, front caster angle, and rear wheel toe-in/toe-out
if equipped with 3° or 6° camber. It is important to do these
adjustments before using the wheelchair as to reduce risk of
10.9.1 Changing the Front Seat-to-Floor Height
To change the front seat-to-floor height, you can do one of the
• Install the front caster in a different hole on the fork
• Install different caster size.
• Change the stem bold length (Standard, +1” and +2” available)
10.9.2 Changing Rear Seat-to-Floor Height
To change the rear seat-to-floor height, you do one of the
• Install the rear wheel axle bushing in a different position along
the mounting plate.
• Install different sized rear wheels.
10.9.3 Changing Front & Rear Seat-to-Floor
To change the front and rear seat-to-floor height simultaneously,
you can:
• Use another seat cushion with a different thickness.
10.10 Front casters, forks and
fork stem assemblies
10.10.1 Removing/Installing/Repositioning the
Front Wheels
• Loosen and remove bolts (1).
• Remove, install or reposition
the front castor.
• Place spacers (2) between the
castor and the fork.
• Tighten the bolts (1) firmly.
10.10.2 Removing/Installing the caster housing
• Remove screw (1).
• Remove screw (2).
• Slide the caster housing out of the frame.
*To change the stem bolt or to service the bearings, always
remove the caster housing from the frame
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