10.11.2 Replacing/Adjusting hand rims
• Use a plastic tire removal tool to take off
the tire.
• Remove all nuts inside the rim.
• Replace the handrim with a new one and
align the mounting holes.
• Reinstall and tighten the nuts firmly.
• Reinstall the tire on the rim.
10.11.3 Adjusting the rear axle
• Loosen the two nuts holding the axle
• Move axle bushing along (1) mounting
plate (2).
• Reinstall the bushing in the desired
mounting hole.
10.11.4 Adjusting rear wheel spacing
The rear wheels can be adjusted
laterally by repositioning axle bushing
(1) on mounting plate (2).
• Loosen nuts (3) on the axle bushing
• Turn them in the desired direction to
adjust the spacing.
• Firmly tighten the nuts (3).
10.11.5 Adjusting the toe-in/toe-out with rear
wheel camber.
• Remove the rear wheels.
• Maintain the wheelchair
on a horizontal plane
with the support of the
three other wheels.
• Loosen nuts (2) while
keeping a bit of tension.
• Put the camber
adjustment tool on the
axle bushing
• Use a set square and
rotate the axle bushing
so that the tool is parallel
to the set square (and
perpendicular to the
• With one hand, hold the
tool and the mounting
plate together to keep the setting.
• With the other hand, use a ratchet to tighten firmly the nut (2)
facing inside the wheelchair.
10.12 Wheel Locks
10.12.1 Replacing/Adjusting the Wheel Locks
• Loosen screws (1).
• Slide the lock to the desired position.
• Tighten screws (1) to a snug fit. Final tightening should be
done manually.
• Once engaged, the lock should embed 3 mm into the tire.
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