11.16 Amputee extention plate
10.16.1 Installing an amputee plate
• Install mounting plate (1) by closing the clamps around the
• Insert a second axle receiver (2) on the axle plate
• Install the back clamp (3) onto the rear of the frame.
• Insert both bolts (4) and washers (5) through the amputee
axle plate (6) to secure it in place
• Insert two screws (7) into amputee axle plate through the
mounting clamp and tighten.
• Insert axle bushing (8) through the amputee plate and tighten
nuts (9).
11 Using a paratransit service
11.1 About paratransit vehicles
It is recommended that wheelchair occupants remain seated
with seatbelt fastened while traveling in a vehicle designed
to transport passengers in wheelchairs. Ensure that your
wheelchair is securely fastened in the wheelchair restraints:
restraints used should be approved and meet the safety
requirements in effect.
The wheelchair seatbelt should never been used as a safety
belt when you are sitting in a paratransit vehicle.
11.2 Wheelchair restraints in paratransit vehicles
Always use proper restraints to secure your HELIO C2
wheelchair in a motor vehicle. The restraints are identified by
the following symbol:
Never hook the transport tie-downs directly to the
wheelchair frame. This may damage the frame and void
the warranty. To avoid risk of injuries, remove all
objects or accessories from the wheelchair and store
them securely in the paratransit vehicle.
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