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14. Safety Inspection Checklist
Action Frequency
At every use Weekly Monthly Twice-yearly Yearly
Make sure wheelchair rolls
easily and straight.
Check for vibrations, noise or any deviation
from normal functioning.
Ensure wheel locks
are working properly.
Check that both rear wheel
quick-releases are locked.
Ensure that front stem
is perpendicular to floor.
Visually inspect tires (front & rear)
for debris, low pressure, flat spots or wear.
Make sure anti-tip tubes
are locked in place (if equipped).
Visually inspect fabric for
protruding metal, rips or tears.
Ensure that hand grips
are not loose (if equipped).
Check hand rims for rough edges
and make sure they are free
from grease or other contaminants.
Checks for component interference.
Check for irregular noise and rattles.
Check tire pressure with a tire gauge
Check seat tension.
Check wheel alignment.
Check for free running of fork bearings.
Have a complete inspection
performed by a qualified technician.
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