6. Safety
6.1 Periodic Checklist
See related appendix (section 14).
6.2 Weight Limitation
The HELIO C2 wheelchair has a weight limit of 250 lbs (or 350
lbs with an HD kit). The specified weight capacity includes:
both the rider and any luggage. A user with a 10lb backpack,
for example, should
not exceed a weight of 240 lbs (or 340 lbs with the HD kit).
It is of utmost importance that the total weight be below the
above specified capacity.
The wheelchair is designed to support only one person. Please
do not stand up on the footrests.
Motion Composites is not responsible for any damages or
injuries caused by the misuse of this wheelchair.
6.3 Weight Training and Sporting Activities
This wheelchair was not designed or tested as a weight training
apparatus. Do not attempt to use this wheelchair in weight
training. The warranty shall be void if the wheelchair has been
used for any weight training purposes.
This wheelchair is not intended to be used during sporting
Should you make any adjustments, repairs or do any
servicing, ensure that all fasteners are tightly secured
before use.
Exceeding the specified weight limit could damage the
wheelchair and/or cause severe injuries.
This wheelchair was designed to be tailored to the
dimensions of its owner and as such should only be
used by its owner unless a qualified specialist,
approved by Motion Composites, has readjusted it.
7. Tutorial
Please find many tutorial and maintenance tips on our YouTube
page at : http://www.youtube.com/heliowheelchair
8. Riding your HELIO C2
Should you make any adjustments, make sure to
familiarize yourself with the wheelchair movements
before removing the anti-tippers.
The wheelchair should be dried with a cloth
immediately after being exposed to water.
8.1.1 To reduce the risk of accident
We recommend that you review safe wheelchair use with your
physician prior to using this equipment.
Take the time to read the instructions in this manual to ensure
that you feel comfortable using the wheelchair without
Always be aware of hazards.
Always use anti-tippers.
8.1.2 Environmental Conditions
The HELIO C2 was designed to be used on hard and plane
surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and indoor flooring such as
Beware that the manoeuvrability of the wheelchair is
significantly affected by different outside conditions such as
sand, mud, rain, snow and rough surfaces. If you use your
wheelchair in these conditions, it is recommended that you have
it frequently serviced.
Be careful when using your wheelchair on wet or slippery
Exposure to water or excessive moisture can be damaging and
may even cause the wheelchair to corrode over the long-term.
Do not leave your wheelchair in humid environments such as
the bathroom (e.g. while taking a shower).
Do not use your wheelchair in the shower, pool, or other water
8.1.3 Caregivers
• Never use removable parts (e.g. armrests, footrests) to push
the wheelchair and never use lifting supports since they could
cause injuries or damage.
• Ensure that the wheelchair is equipped with push handles and
that its grips are securely in place.
• Turn anti-tipping devices upwards or remove them to avoid
• Should you need to leave the wheelchair user unattended,
engage the wheel locks and place the anti-tipping devices
back in the downward position.
• Ask an experienced caregiver to explain safe assistance
methods to you.
• Ensure ongoing communication between you and the
wheelchair user as to avoid any kind of confusion.
• Maintain proper posture to tilt or lift the wheelchair; keep your
back straight and bend at the knees.
• Instruct the wheelchair user to lean his/her back when you are
tilting the wheelchair.
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