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FSB 6Manual
3.5 Counterbalancing of the camera
-> Before adjusting the counterbalance of the camera, the
center of gravity of the camera must be centered preci-
sely over the axis of the fluid head.
-> Lock the vertical brake, adjust the vertical setting of the
fluid drag to “0” and adjust the knob for the counterba-
lance setting also to “0”.
-> Secure the camera with one hand and open the
vertical brake.
-> Should the camera be front or back heavy open the
lock of the camera plate/balance plate (undo red wing
screw slightly on the side of the fluid head; keep the
camera secured with one hand). Centre the camera
weight and compensate for a backheavy setup by sli-
ding the camera plate/balance plate forwards and for a
frontheavy setup by sliding backwards. The camera
should remain in the horizontal position.
-> Lock the camera plate/balance plate by turning the red
wing screw clockwise and tighten it.
-> If you can’t manage to centre the camera correctly,
please read paragraph 5.1 “Camera plates”.
-> The fluid head FSB 6 is equipped with a ten step coun-
terbalance adjustment. Select the setting which com-
pensates best with your camera set up. Adjusting the
lower setting comes immediately effective. The adjust-
ment of the higher setting becomes effective after pas-
sing the “0” level while tilting the fluid head.
3.6 Setting of the drag
The FSB 6 is equipped with a 3-step drag level horizontally
and vertically and a zero setting. By turning the vertical
setting and the horizontal setting the desired level of fluid
drag is selected. Turn the setting ring to "0" in
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