ManualFSB 6
- 9 -
5 Accessories
5.1 Camera plate
A. Sideload
The fluid head FSB 6 is delivered with an extra long came-
ra plate (code no. 0164). It containes a guided sled with a
pin (preventing a twisting of the camera) and a 1/4 “ screw.
The guided sled can be brought in a position to eliminate
any front- or back heaviness of the camera.
By locking the 1/4” screw in the thread of the camera, the
desired position will be fixed.
Please pay attention to the arrow on the camera plate,
which is indicating the direction of the camera lens.
If your camera was delivered with a tripod adapter plate
you may need 1/4" and 3/8" screws to mount your camera.
Remove the guided sled, by unlocking the 1/4” screw. Use
the 1/4” and 3/8” screw (parking position below the top
plate) to mount your camera on the camera plate.
B. Touch & Go
The fluid head FSB 6 T is delivered with the Touch & Go
plate S (Code No.0364). It comes with a pin, 1/4” screw
and 3/8” screw, means the cameraplate is ready to use it
either with a pin - 1/4” screw connection or a 1/4” screw -
3/8” screw connection. Just unscrew the not needed screw
from the camera plate. Spare camera screws are stored in
the balance plate.
If your camera remains front- or back heavy after going
through the necessary centring procedure (paragraph 3.4)
you may solve this by using the C.O.G plate DV
(Code No. 1465). This plate offers you two removed positi-
ons (by about 44 and 72 mm resp.) to receive the camera.
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