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FSB 6Manual
3.3 Levelling of the fluid head
Apply the vertical brake and hold the camera with one
hand. Open the clamping screw of the fluid head and move
the head in such a way, that the bubble moves into the
level´s black circle. Tighten the clamping screw firmly.
Touch Bubble
The FSB 6 has a self illuminating Touch Bubble which allo-
ws easy levelling even under unfavourable lighting conditi-
ons. The illumination is activated by strong tapping on the
bubble. The bubble will glow up to 20 seconds.
3.4 Mounting of the camera and / or plate
A. FSB 6 with side load clamping mechanism
-> Apply the horizontal and vertical brake.
-> Hold the camera and / or plate with one hand.
-> Release the clamping screw of camera plate.
-> Shift the red Camera Release Safety Lock forward.
-> The camera(plate) is now unlocked and can be remo-
ved from the fluid head.
-> Attach the camera plate to the camera. Please pay
attention to the arrow on the camera plate.This arrow is
indicating the direction of the lens. (Also see paragraph
5.1 “camera plates”).
-> For mounting the camera(plate) onto the fluid head
place the camera plate´s dovetail in the dovetail´s gui-
ding on the head (see picture below, arrow A).
-> Lower the camera(plate) until the snap lock catches the
camera plate. This is detected by an audible clicking
(arrow B).
-> The camera(plate) is now mounted securely.
-> Lock the clamping screw of the camera plate after
counterbalancing the camera (see also paragraph 3.4
“counterbalancing the camera”).
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