Video 15 SB
-5 -
Centre the camera weight and compensate for a
backheavy setup by sliding the cameraplate/balance-
plate forwards and for a frontheavy setup by sliding
backwards. The camera should remain in the horizontal
-> Lock the cameraplate/balanceplate by turning the red
wing screw clockwise and tighten it.
-> If you can’t manage to centre the camera correctly,
please read paragraph 5.1 “Camera plates”.
-> The fluid head Video 15 SB is equipped with a twelve
step counterbalance adjustment. Select the setting
which compensates best with your camera set up.
Adjusting the lower setting comes immediately effective.
The adjustment of the higher setting becomes effective
after passing the “0” level while tilting the fluid head.
3.6 Setting of the damping
The Video 15 SB is equipped with seven damping levels
horizontally and vertically and a zero setting.
By turning the vertical setting and the horizontal setting the
desired level of the fluid damping is selected.
Turn the setting ring to “0” in order to switch off the dam-
ping completely.
Make sure that you always turn the setting to the next
indexed position (arrow). Engage the retainer pins by
slowly panning or tilting the camera.
ATTENTION: Panning or tilting the camera with settings
between the indexed positions can damage the retainer
pins and/or disks.
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