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Video 15 SBManual
5 Accessories
5.1 Camera plates
The fluid head Video 15 SB is delivered with the Touch & Go
plate 16 (Code No. 1064). It comes with a 1/4” screw and 3/8”
screw. Spare camera screws (1/4”/ 3/8”) and a pin screw are
stored in the balance plate. The pin screw fits in the center hole
of the camera plate. Thus a pin/1/4” screw connection can be
achieved if your camera requires this connection.
If your camera remains front- or back heavy after going through
the necessary centring procedure (paragraph 3.5) you may
solve this by using the C.O.G plate (Code No. 1063). This plate
offers a removed position.The C.O.G. plate can be mounted to
either the front or the back. It can not be operated with pin and
1/4” screw.
5.2 Pan bars
The Video 15 SB comes with DV right pan bar (#3470). There
is a fixing for an additional left pan bar on the fluid head.
Please order code no. 3471 for the second pan bar.
6 Inspection and Cleaning
Clean the fluid head regularly using a soft cloth and
mild detergent.
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