9.5.3 Swing-Away Armrests
Fig. 7
To remove the armrests from the
wheelchair (Fig. 7):
• Lift them straight up to release the
• To reinstall the armrests, insert then back
in the armrest receiver (1) until they set
into place.
9.6 Seat belts
Use positioning belts ONLY to help
support the rider’s posture.
Improper use of these belts may
cause severe injuries to the rider.
Make sure the rider does not slide down in the
wheelchair seat. If this occurs, the rider may suffer
chest compression or suffocate due to pressure from
the belts.
Never use belts as a motor vehicle restraint.
• The seatbelt should be used at all times in accordance with
• There should be approximately one hand width of space
between the seat belt and thigh; do not exceed this amount
of space.
• Ensure that the seat belt is properly fastened as to avoid
serious injuries.
• In case of emergency, ensure that seat belt can be easily
9.6.1 Auto buckle and aircraft buckle seatbelts
• To fasten your seatbelt, insert the clip into the buckle until it
• Make sure the belt is securely fastened.
• To unfasten your seat belt, lift the flap on the aircraft buckle
seatbelt or push the button on the auto buckle seatbelt.
• To adjust your seat belt, pull each strap towards the opposite
side until you get the desired tension and keep the buckle
9.6.2 Velcro Belt
• To fasten your seatbelt, insert the long side of the seatbelt
into the buckle on the other side.
• Apply pressure on the belt for a firm grip of the velcro.
9.7 Anti-Tipper
Motion Composites
strongly recommends the
use of anti-tippers
Anti-tippers (Fig. 8) were
designed to prevent falls from the
• To remove or rotate the anti-
tippers up, push the release
button (1) and pull out or rotate
the anti-tippers (2).
• To replace the anti-tippers, press
the release button and insert
them into the frame until they
snap into position.
• Highest Curb Clearance : 1 1/2” to 2”, depending on
Fig. 8
9.8 Rear Wheels
9.8.1 Quick-release axles
• To remove the rear wheels, push
the button in the center of the
wheel’s hub (Fig. 9) and pull the
wheels off (1).
• To reinstall the rear wheels on
the wheelchair, push the button
of the quick-release axles, insert
the axle into the wheelchair axle
bushing and release the button
• Always make sure that the quick
release detent balls (2) extend
beyond the axle bushing for a
secure lock.
Fig. 9
9.8.2 Fixed axles
• To remove the rear wheels:
unscrew the bolt (1) (Fig. 10)
located inside the wheelchair
axle bushing and pull out the
• To reinstall the rear wheels
on the wheelchair: insert the
threaded axles (2) in the axle
• Tighten the bolt (1) and make
sure that the wheel is still turning
without any restrictions.
Fig. 10
9.9 Seat slings
• Seat slings are not intended to be used as a seating surface.
Always use a cushion.
• Ensure that the sling is in good condition (e.g. no fraying, no
wear and no tears).
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