T (450) 588-6555 - 1 866 650-6555 F (450) 588-0200
10. Adjustments and
maintenance of your
10.1 Service
Refer to your dealer for service. A complete and updated list of
service providers can be found on our website.
10.2 Replacement Parts
Ordering information:
Consult our website to download the parts manual and view
ordering information.
Please contact us at:
Motion Composites Inc.
519 J-Oswald Forest, suite 101
Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Quebec
J0K 3H0 Canada
Phone: 1-866-650-6555
Fax: (450) 588-0200
10.3 Tools needed
The HELIO A7 was designed to be serviced with
regular tools. All screws and bolts are standard and can
be adjusted with a wrench, socket wrench, or Allen key.
Do not use air or electric tool, tightening should be
done manually.
10.4 General maintenance
10.4.1 Tire pressure
• Check tire pressure with a tire gauge.
• Verify recommended tire pressure, which is indicated on the
• Inflate if pressure is below recommended amount as labelled
on the sidewall.
• Do not inflate tire over recommended pressure, as stated on
the tire.
• Over inflation could result in tire failure and injury.
• Under inflation could result in a flat tire.
Max pressure
Pneumatic 1 3/8’’ 65 psi
Pneumatic HP 1 3/8’’ 110 psi
Pneumatic HP 1’’ 145 psi
Pneumatic HP Plus 1’’ 145 psi
10.4.2 Cleaning your wheelchair
• Use a soft clean cloth with soap and water to clean your
• Rinse and dry the wheelchair adequately.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners.
• Do not use a pressure cleaner.
10.5 Backrest
10.5.1 Removing/Installing the Back Canes
• Loosen the top bolts (1) (Fig.
11) and (2), which are also
used to support the armrest
socket (Swing Away and Flip
Back armrest up).
• Slide the back post to remove
it from the tube.
• Reinstall the back post in the
reverse order and tighten
screws snugly.
• Tighten bolts (1) and (2) firmly.
Wheelchairs equipped with
Flip Back armrests; tighten
screw (1) while paying special
attention to the force needed
to flip back the armrest.
Fig. 11
10.5.2 Adjusting the Back Angle
• Loosen screw (1) (Fig. 12) and
remove screw (2) from the levelling
• Adjust to desired angle by sliding
the mechanism.
• Reinstall screw (2) and tighten both
screws to fit snugly.
Fig. 12
10.5.3 Removing/Installing the seat belt
• Remove Screw (1) in order to remove the seat belt clamp (2)
that is attached to the belt. (Fig. 13)
• Reinstall screw (1) directly on the frame clamp (3) (Fig. 14)
• Tighten screw (1) until it is properly tightened.
• Repeat the same steps on the other side
Fig. 13 Fig. 14
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