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Manual C I
1 General Information
This manual is an important part of the equipment and is aimed
at personnel who operate and maintain the C I pedestal. It con-
tains information about the C I and it´s proper use. Above all it
serves to safeguard users and the environment.
It is the duty of each user to familiarize themselves with the
contents of the manual and to adhere exactly to all instructions
relating to safety.
In addition the rules and regulations governing the prevention of
accidents must also be observed. Please keep this manual for
future reference.
2 Intended use
This pedestal was designed for professional use in television
studios and outside locations for moving and elevating fluid
heads and cameras. Any use above and beyond this purpose is
deemed improper and will void the warranty.
The pedestal must be maintained and serviced only with original
Sachtler parts.
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