This water heater may be protected by one or more patents or registered designs in the name of
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd or Paloma Co., Ltd.
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd is the supplier of the Rheem range of continuous flow gas water heaters,
manufactured by Paloma Co., Ltd., a world leader in water heater technology and manufacture.
® Registered trademark of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd.
™ Trademark of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd.
Note: Every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in preparation of this publication.
No liability can be accepted for any consequences, which may arise as a result of its application.
Warning: Upon completion of the installation and commissioning of the water heater, leave this guide
with the householder or a responsible officer. DO NOT leave this guide inside of the cover of the water
heater, as it may interfere with the safe operation of the water heater or ignite when the water heater is
turned on.
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