All electrical work and permanent wiring must be carried out by a qualified person and in accordance with the
Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 and all local codes and regulatory authority requirements.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to this water heater (872 series) if it is installed as
an in-series gas booster with a solar water heater system or if a Water Star water heater is installed,
because water at a temperature much higher than the controller setting can be delivered. If a solar or
Water Star water heater is installed to an existing water heater installation, then all controllers must be
disconnected and removed.
The water heater is supplied with a 1.8 metre lead and plug and requires a weatherproof 240 V 50 Hz
general purpose outlet (GPO) to be located within 1.2 metres of the installation. The GPO must be clear of
the flue exhaust, draining water, gas supply pipe and water connections.
The power consumption of the water heater is:
Gas water heater
80 Watts
627 Burner on, anti frost device inactive
175 Watts
627 Burner on, anti frost device active
The water heater will only operate on a sine wave at 50 Hz. Devices generating a square wave cannot be
used to supply power to the water heater.
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