If it is necessary to turn off the water heater on completion of the installation, such as on a building site or
where the premises is vacant, then:
Turn off the controllers(s) (if fitted) by pressing the on / off button.
The light in the on / off button will go out and the priority light (standard controller) or the ACTIVE light
(Deluxe controller), if it is on, will go out.
Switch off the electrical supply at the power outlet to the water heater (refer to note below).
Close the gas isolation valve at the inlet to the water heater.
Close the cold water isolation valve at the inlet to the water heater.
Drain the water heater if there is a risk of freezing conditions occurring (refer to Draining The Water
Heater on page 37).
The frost protection system will be rendered inoperable if electrical power is not available at the water
Damage caused by freezing due to the unavailability of power at the water heater is not covered by the
Rheem warranty (refer to “Terms of the Rheem Warranty” on page 39).
If the power has been switched off to the water heater and there is a risk of freezing, then it is necessary
to drain the water heater (refer to “Draining the Water Heater” on page 37).
To drain the water heater:
Turn off the water heater (refer to “Turn Off The Water Heater” on page 37).
Open a hot tap (preferably the shower outlet).
Unscrew the two drain plugs, one each at the cold water inlet and hot water outlet, on the underside of
the water heater.
Water will drain from the water heater.
When water stops flowing from the water heater, close the hot tap.
Note: It is recommended not to screw the drain plugs back in, until the water heater is to be turned on again.
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