ManualVideo 18 Dutch
- 2 -
3 Operation
3.1 Mounting of the pan bar
On the front side of the Video 18 Dutch two rosettes are
located in order to accept the enclosed pan bar. Usually the
pan bar is mounted onto the left rosette.
3.2 Mounting of the camera and/or plate
The Video 18 Dutch is delivered with the Touch & Go came-
ra quick locking system. The camera plate has to be taken
out of your standard fluid head.
Apply all brakes on the fluid head and the Video 18
Hold the camera and / or plate with one hand.
Grasp the locking lever with your thumb and index and
pull down the red safety button.
Move the locking lever as far as possible to the left and
take out the camera and / or plate.
Attach the camera plate to the tripod adaptor plate
(camera accessory) around the camera’s centre of
By mounting the camera and / or plate again it will lock
automatically and the locking lever will snap back
audibly into its initial position.
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