ManualVideo 18 Dutch
- 4 -
3.4 Setting of the damping
The Video 18 Dutch is equipped with seven damping levels
diagonally and a zero setting.
By turning the setting one selects the desired level of the
fluid damping.
Turn the setting ring to “0” in order to switch off the dam-
ping completely.
If you set the setting ring on the same index number
(e. g. “3”) as the horizontal and vertical setting rings of your
standard fluid head the degree of damping is identical and
thus allows for precise diagonal panning movements with-
out jerks and vibrations.
Make sure that you always turn the setting to the next
indexed position. Engage the retainer pins by slowly panning
or tilting the camera.
ATTENTION: Panning or tilting the camera with settings
between the indexed positions can damage the retainer
pins and/or disks.
3.5 Brakes
The brake applies the lock for the side movement. The
brake is vibrationless and can be used during shooting.
3.6 Transport setting of damping, counterbalance
and brakes
To ensure smooth operation of the setting rings for the
damping over the long life time period of the fluid head, you
should turn both setting rings from position “0” to maximum
position, before and after the use of the fluid head.
Setting during transportation: the most important issue is to
open both brakes - horizontal and vertical.
Counterbalance and damping should be set to maximum
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