ManualReporter 300H
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3 Operation
3.1 Inserting the lamp
Do not touch quartz glass lamp with bare fingers.
Do not use bulbs other than those listed below:
Suitable lamp types are: LCL 30 mm max. ø 19.5 mm
300W/230V Philips VL300
Osram 64515
Osram 64516
300W/120V Osram 64512
Osram 64514
200W/230V Osram 64505
200W/120V Osram 64503
150W/230V Philips VL150
Open the fixture by first pulling both the left and right
locking clips upwards. Then pull the reflector housing off.
When inserting the lamp ensure that it is inserted correctly
by pushing it firmly into the socket until it is fully home.
The lamp must be perpendicular to the socket such that
the lamp remains central to the reflector to avoid uneven
light distribution. When putting the reflector housing back
in place, please ensure its correct positioning. Indicator
marks on both focussing unit and reflector housing will
guide you to the right position.
To lock the reflector housing to the focus housing push the
lateral clips firmly down until they click into position.
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