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Reporter 300HManual
3.2 Starting the Reporter 300H
Please make sure that line and bulb voltage are compa-
tible with the fuse rating:
110V with F4A fuse 5 x 20mm
220V up to 240V with F2.5A or F4A fuse 5 x 20mm
To insert a fuse open the fuse holder only with your fingers
or with a coin. Open the four-leaf barndoor on the fixture
and connect cable to the mains. Put the fixture into its
operating position and switch it on by using the switch on
the fixture. During operation make sure to move the fixture
very carefully since the lamp reacts very sensitive to
3.3 Switching off the Reporter 300H
Use the switch on the fixture to switch off and let the fixtu-
re cool down for at least 5 minutes before packing it away
3.4 First operation
During the first operating hours you will notice a slight
odour coming from the fixture which should not be of any
concern and which does not indicate any malfunction.
3.5 Changing the lamp
If the lamp is damaged or deformed, it must be replaced
with a new one.
Switch off the fixture and disconnect it from mains. Let it
cool down for at least 5 minutes.
CAUTION! Hot bulb!
After the fixture has been opened the lamp can be chan-
ged (see 3.1 Inserting the bulb).
Please also change the fuse when changing the lamp.
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