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Reporter 400DManual
1 Safety instructions
Do not connect any electrical components whilst in contact
with water, if you have wet or damp hands or if connectors
or cable are wet/damp!
Do not place the luminaire in water!
Ensure that during the operation of the lumi-
naire enough distance is kept from flamma-
ble material and that generated heat can be
Caution! UV radiation! Only operate the fixture with hou-
sing closed and protective glass intact. Never bridge the
safety switch.
If the bulb is damaged or deformed by heat it has to be
Broken safety glass has to be replaced imidiately !
The luminare must only be operated with Sachtler ballasts.
It is only permissible to use the luminaire for professional
operation. Children and unqualified persons are to be kept
away from the operation of the device.
Caution! High voltage ignition pulse. Do not start operation
without bulb inserted!
Handle with care! Do not dispose of!
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