ManualReporter 400D
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± 30°
± 90°
2 Properties
The Sachtler Reporter 400 D is designed to be used on light
stands. The luminaire must be operated with the electronic bal-
last Netronic 400. If the luminaire is operated overhead, it can
be secured at the yoke against dropping.Ensure that the per-
missible operating position is maintained.
3 Operation
3.1 Inserting the bulb
Please first adhere to the bulb manufacturer’s instructions
included in the packing.
Do not touch quartz glass bulb with bare fingers.
Use only bulb types:
Preferred bulb: Philips MSR 400HR
Alternative bulb: Osram HMI 400SE
Open the luminaire (see fig. 1). Push both locking knobs at
the reflector housing. Pull reflector housing off. When fitting
the new bulb ensure that it is inserted correctly by pushing
it firmly into the socket until it clicks into position. If the bulb
is not completely inserted into the socket, an uneven light
distribution will result or the bulb cannot be ignited at all.
When putting the reflector housing back in place, please
ensure its correct positioning. The contact pin on the reflec-
tor housing must fit into the hole of the focus housing to
activate the contactor of the safety switch.
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