ManualReporter 400D
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Please note: If you start a cold bulb, make sure you wait
until it reaches its operating temperature,
which is approx. 1 minute, before you switch
the bulb off. Otherwise the bulb’s lifetime will
be reduced.
3.5 Hot restrike
The hot bulb can be reignited immediately after usage and
will reach its full output after only some seconds.
3.6 First operation
During the first operating hours you may notice a slight
odour coming from the fixture which should not be of any
concern and which does not indicate any malfunction.
3.7 Changing the bulb
If the bulb is damaged or deformed it has to be replaced.
Switch off the luminaire and disconnect it from the ballast.
Let the luminaire cool down for at least 5 minutes.
Caution: Hot bulb!
After opening the luminaire the bulb can be replaced.
(see 3.1 Inserting the bulb).
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