Installing the water heater.
Electrical Connections
A separate branch circuit with copper
conductors, over current protective device
and suitable disconnecting means must be
provided by a qualified electrician.
All wiring must conform to local codes
or latest edition of National Electrical
Code ANSI/NFPA 70.
Check rating plate of water heater
against supply for the correct voltage.
The water heater is completely wired
internally from the factory to the field
connection terminal block. Refer to
the wiring diagrams on page 12 for all
The voltage requirements and wattage
load for the water heater are specified
on the rating plate on the front of the
water heater.
The branch circuit wiring should include
Metallic conduit or metallic
sheathed cable approved for use as a
grounding conductor and installed
with fittings approved for the
Non-metallic sheathed cable,
metallic conduit or metallic sheathed
cable not approved for use as a
ground conductor shall include a
separate conductor for grounding. It
should be attached to the ground
terminals of the water heater and the
electrical distribution box.
CAUTION: The presence of water
in the piping and water heater does
not provide sufficient conduction for a
ground. Non-metallic piping, dielectric
unions, flexible connectors etc. can
cause the water heater to be electrically
DO NOT turn on the electrical
supply or operate this water
heater unless it is completely full
of water.
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