Insulation blankets, available to the
general public, for external use on electric
water heaters are not necessary. The
purpose of an insulation blanket is to
reduce the standby heat loss encountered
with storage tank heaters. This water
heater meets or exceeds the National
Appliance Energy Conservation Act
standards with respect to insulation and
standby loss requirements making an
insulation blanket unnecessary.
The manufacturer’s warranty does not
cover any damage or defect caused by
installation, attachment or use of
any type of energy saving or other
unapproved devices (other than those
authorized by the manufacturer) into, onto
or in conjunction with the water heater.
The use of unauthorized energy saving
devices may shorten the life of the water
heater and may endanger life and property.
The manufacturer disclaims any
responsibility for such loss or injury
resulting from the use of such
unauthorized devices.
CAUTION: If local codes require the
application of an external insulation
blanket to this water heater, pay careful
attention to the following so as not to
restrict the proper function and
operation of the water heater:
DO NOT cover the operating or
warning labels attached to the water
heater or attempt to relocate them on
the exterior of insulation blanket.
DO NOT apply insulation to the top of
the water heater. This could interfere
with the safe operation of the electrical
junction box.
DO NOT cover the jacket access
panel(s) to the thermostat(s) and heating
element(s), vacuum valve, or pressure
and temperature relief valve.
Inspect the insulation blanket frequently.
WARNING: If local
codes require external
application of insulation
blanket kits the
manufacturer’s instructions
included with the kit must
be carefully followed.
Insulation Blankets
Installing the water heater.
For increased energy efficiency, some
water heaters have been supplied with
two 24” sections of pipe insulation.
Please install the insulation, according
to the illustrations above, that best meets
your requirements.
Typical vertical piping arrangement Typical horizontal piping arrangement
Hot and Cold Pipe Insulation Installation
or block opening on vacuum
valve Vacuum
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