WARNING: If the water heater has been
subjected to fire, flood, or physical damage, turn off
power to water heater, and DO NOT operate the
water heater again until it has been checked by a
qualified service technician.
NOTICE: DO NOT use this appliance if any part
has been under water. Immediately call a qualified
installer or service agency to replace a flooded water
heater. DO NOT attempt to repair the unit! It must be
Time/Temperature Relationship in Scalds
Temperature Time To Produce a Serious Burn
120°F (49°C) More than 5 minutes
125°F (51°C) 11/2 to 2 minutes
130°F (54°C) About 30 seconds
135°F (57°C) About 10 seconds
140°F (60°C) Less than 5 seconds
145°F (63°C) Less than 3 seconds
150°F (66°C) About 11/2 seconds
155°F (68°C) About 1 second
Table courtesy of Shriners Burn Institute
If adjustment is necessary…
Turn off the power to the water heater.
DANGER: Make certain power to the
water heater is "OFF" before removing any
jacket access panel for any reason. Failure
to do so could result in property damage,
bodily injury, or death.
Remove the snap-in access panel cover.
Insert finger into latch hole on the bottom
of the cover and push up to release the
latch. Pull forward and remove the cover
and insulation.
Remove the (4) screws that secure the
jacket access panel to the unit. Remove
the jacket access panel and insulation
exposing the thermostats. Use care when
removing insulation pads.
The thermostat protective cover should not
be removed.
Using a small screwdriver, set the
thermostat dial pointer to the desired
temperature by turning the screw. DO
NOT pry or move the white plastic
Replace the rectangular insulation and
thermostat access panel. Secure the panel
to the unit using the (4) screws provided.
Tighten the screws until only snug.
Replace the access panel cover and
insulation and snap in position.
Turn on the power to the water heater.
To increase the water temperature, it
is recommended to adjust the bottom
thermostat only.
To decrease water temperature, all
thermostats on the unit need to be
adjusted to the lower setting.
Top Thermostat or Single
Thermostat Models
Reset button
Thermostat dial
Bottom Thermostat
It is important that the fiberglass insulation is replaced to
maintain water heater's performance and safety.
LOW 80°F (27°C) 110°F (43°C)
MED 110°F (43°C) 140°F (60°C)
HIGH 140°F (68°C) 170°F (82°C)
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