1. Should you have any questions about your new storage tank, or if it requires
repair, or routine maintenance, it is suggested that you first contact your
installer, plumbing contractor or previously agreed upon service agency. In the
event the firm has moved, or is unavailable, refer to the telephone directory,
commercial listings or local utility for qualified service assistance.
2. Should your problem not be solved to your complete satisfaction, you should
then contact the Manufacturer’s National Service Department at the following
Rheem Sales Co. Inc.
800 Interstate Park Drive
Montgomery, Al. 36109
When contacting the manufacturer, the following information will be requested:
a. Model and serial number of the storage tank as shown on the rating plate attached
to the jacket of the unit.
b. Address where the storage tank is located and physical location of installation.
c. Name and address of installer and any service agency who performed service on
the storage tank.
d. Date of original installation and dates any service work was performed.
e. Details of the problems as you can best describe them.
f. List of people, with dates, who have been contacted regarding your problem.
Additional service information can be found at www.rheem.com.
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