Installing the water heater.
The location chosen for the water heater must take into consideration the following:
Local Installation Regulations
This water heater must be installed in
accordance with these instructions, local
codes, utility codes, utility company
requirements or, in the absence of local
codes, the latest edition of the National
Electrical Code. It is available from some
local libraries or can be purchased from
the National Fire Protection Association,
Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269 as
booklet ANSI/NFPA 70.
If the water heater is to be installed in a
restaurant, or other location where NSF
International listing is required, it must
be weather sealed to the floor, a raised
base, or on a shelf so that seepage cannot
accumulate under it; or elevated to provide
at least (6) inches of clearance from the
In order to meet NSF International
requirements for Standard 5, the base
of the water heater must be sealed to
the floor to prevent seepage underneath.
Apply a 3/8" bead of RTV Silicone
completely around the floor edge of the
base of the tank.
Locate the water heater in a clean dry area
as near as practical to the area of greatest
heated water demand. Long un-insulated
hot water lines can waste energy and
Place the water heater in such a manner
that the thermostat and element access
panels can be removed to permit inspection
and servicing such as removal of elements
or checking controls.
The water heater and water lines should
be protected from freezing temperatures.
DO NOT install the water heater in
outdoor, unprotected areas or near any
other appliances where high temperatures
are present, such as wood burning stoves,
boilers, or furnaces. High temperatures
can warp or otherwise damage the non-
metallic construction of this water heater.
Make certain the floor underneath
the water heater is strong enough to
sufficiently support the weight of the
water heater once it is filled with water.
(Imperial Gallons)
Dimensions (Inches) Shipping
Full Weight
Height 1Diameter
75 63 62 5/8 28 1/4 128 754
85 71 70 1/4 28 1/4 140 849
105 88 70 3/4 30 1/4 158 1,034
1 Height includes factory installed Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve.
fittings on top of the unit as
handles or lift points.
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