Typical Installation
Temperature & Pressure
Relief Valve
(The addition of a union at
this point will help in the
replacement of the T & P Relief
Valve should the need arise.)
Drain Pipe -(3/4" minimum)
Drain Valve
Support the relief valve drain
pipe using metal strapping or
wire fastened to the structure
Seal Ring
(Inside nut)
Hex Union Nut
(Relief Valve)
No threads permitted on
end of Drain Pipe.
6” Maximum distance
from drain pipe to
suitable open drain.
Cold Inlet Shut
Thermal Expansion
Tank (if required)
See thermal
expansion section
on page 6.
Heat Trap 6"
Pre-solder 12" minimum
stub pipes before
installing to unit.
Hot Water Outlet
Top of Water Heater
Junction Box
Drain Pan
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