ManualReporter 270DI
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3 Operation
3.1 Inserting the bulb
Open the luminaire by loosening both screws at the side of
the housing. Pull reflector housing off. When inserting the
new bulb ensure that it is inserted correctly by pushing it
firmly into the socket until it clicks into position. If the bulb is
not completely inserted into the socket, an uneven light dis-
tribution will result or the bulb cannot be ignited at all. When
putting the reflector housing back in place, please ensure
its correct positioning. The contact knob on the reflector
housing must activate the contactor of the safety switch.
Close and lock the luminaire by fastening the screws at
both sides of the housing.
3.2 Starting the luminaire
Connect the cable to your mains-powered or battery-
powered Sachtler ballast. Open the barndoor of the
luminaire. After switching the ballast on, one or more LEDs
(Stand-by) must be illuminated. Now you can start the lumi-
naire by either using the ballast or pushing the green push
button on the luminaire itself. In case of Batronic 2 ballast
the R270DI LEDs indicate after starting up the remaining
battery power (operating time) according to the schematic
shown below. Maximum light output will be reached approx.
20 seconds after starting.
LED yellow
LED yellow
LED green
LED red
> 4 min 4 min 3 min 2 min 1 min
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