- 3 -
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In case of the Netronic 2, the mains powered Sachtler
ballast, only the red LED will illuminate.
LED red
LED yellow
LED yellow
LED green
Start button
Fokus knob
3.3 Dimming
The luminaire can be dimmed either on the luminaire or
alternatively on the ballast, by turning the knob. The dim-
ming range of the ballast must be set to ”HMI”.
3.4 Switching off the luminaire
Pressing one of the two green push buttons a second time
will switch off the luminaire. Make sure the luminaire cools
down before packing it away.
Please note: If you start a cold bulb, make sure you wait
until it reaches its operating temperature,
which is approx. 1 minute, before you switch
the bulb off. Otherwise the bulb’s lifetime will
be reduced.
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