ManualReporter 270DI
- 4 -
3.5 Hot restrike
The hot bulb can be re-ignited immediately after usage and
will reach its full output after only 1 - 2 seconds.
3.6 First operation
During the first operating hours you will notice a slight
odour coming from the fixture which should not be of any
concern and which does not indicate any malfunction.
3.7 Changing the bulb
If the bulb is damaged or deformed, it must be replaced
with a new one.
Switch off the ballast before opening the luminaire and
separate luminaire from ballast. Let the luminaire cool down
for at least 10 minutes.
CAUTION! Hot bulb!
After the luminaire has been opened the bulb can be chan-
ged (see 3.1 Inserting the bulb).
4 Service / Troubleshooting
There are no serviceable parts inside. Please use the following
troubleshooting tips in case of malfunction
Stand-by LEDs not illuminated:
Stand-by LEDs illuminated but starting
the luminaire is not possible:
Bulb switches off by itself after several
minutes of operation, dimmer is set to
Bulb goes out after approx. 25 sec.
operating time:
Is the ballast switched on?
Check if cable of luminaire is
undamaged and that it is correctly
connected to ballast.
Check if bulb is damaged and if it is fitted
Bulb is worn out and needs replacing.
Battery operation: please check state of bat-
tery by the LEDs on the fixture´s back
panel. Recharge battery if necessary.
Change of ballast´s dimmer switch to 60%
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