The Rheem 874 and 876 series can be installed with Rheem controllers to enable the user to control the
temperature of the delivered water from the outlet of the water heater. There are two families of Rheem
controllers suitable for installation with this water heater. These are the standard controllers and the Deluxe
Standard Controllers
There are three types of standard controller. They are the Kitchen controller (Rheem PN 299853),
Bathroom1 controller (Rheem PN 299854) and the Bathroom2 controller (Rheem PN 299855). The standard
controllers are suitable for use on all 874 and 876 series models.
The standard controllers are identified by a ‘K’ (Kitchen controller), ‘B1’ (Bathroom1 controller) or ‘B2’
(Bathroom2 controller) located on the front bottom left hand corner of the standard controller.
Deluxe Controllers
There are three types of Deluxe controller. They are the Kitchen Deluxe controller (Rheem PN 299861),
Bathroom1 Deluxe controller (Rheem PN 299862) and the Bathroom2 Deluxe controller (Rheem
PN 299863).
The Deluxe controllers are identified by a ‘K’ (Kitchen Deluxe controller), ‘B1’ (Bathroom1 Deluxe controller)
or ‘B2’ (Bathroom2 Deluxe controller), located under the front panel, to the bottom left hand corner adjacent
to the BATH FILL VOLUME label.
The Deluxe controllers offer additional functions to the standard controllers. These are:
An assistance call function, which provides a voice prompt when pressed and will sound on all
controllers. This is useful should a family member require assistance when in the bathroom.
A Bath Fill function, which is designed to allow the water heater to deliver a selected volume of water at
a selected temperature. Bath filling takes place when the hot tap is opened. When the set volume has
been delivered, the water flow from the water heater ceases. Refer to “Bath-Fill Function” on page 32.
Note: The bath level should be monitored periodically while this function is in use to avoid the possibility
of the bath overflowing. The Bath Fill function should also be used with caution until you are familiar with
its operation.
Warning: Baths should not be left unattended whenever young children are present.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to this water heater (874 series) if it is installed as
an in-series gas booster with a solar water heater system because water at a temperature much higher than
the controller setting can be delivered. If a solar water heater is installed to an existing water heater
installation, then all controllers must be disconnected and removed.
Where more than one controller is installed, the second or third controller must be of the same family.
A standard controller can only be installed with another standard controller(s) and a Deluxe controller
can only be installed with another Deluxe controller(s). A standard controller(s) and a Deluxe
controller(s) cannot be connected to the same water heater.
One, two or three controllers can be installed. Only one of each type of controller can be connected to
the water heater. Therefore, a maximum of three controllers only can be connected to each water
A Bathroom2 controller can only be installed if a Bathroom1 controller is installed and a Bathroom2
Deluxe controller can only be installed if a Bathroom1 Deluxe controller is installed.
Other manufacturers’ controllers are not suitable to and cannot be installed with this water heater.
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