5. Turn off the alarm
Press the water volume ( ) button to turn off the
The water volume operating light goes out and 0 x 10L is
displayed momentarily on the controller.
The temperature setting of the controller with priority is
then displayed.
6. Close the hot tap
If it is a Bathroom controller which is in use and has priority,
then it is advised to leave the controller on.
Refer to the warning in the notes on page 18.
If it is the Kitchen controller which is in use and has priority,
then it is advised to turn the controller off.
Refer to Important note for Bathroom controllers on
page 18.
Notes on the water volume function:
The water volume can only be set by the Kitchen controller.
The Kitchen controller does not require priority nor to be on in order to set the water volume function.
The water volume function can be set whilst a hot tap is open.
The water volume alarm will only sound from the Kitchen controller.
The water volume alarm will still sound if the Kitchen controller has been silenced (refer to “Silencing A
Controller” on page 13).
The factory preset water volume is 180 litres.
If a hot tap is not opened for one hour after the new water volume has been set, then the setting will be
automatically cancelled. The water volume resets to the previously set water volume (or the factory
preset water volume if no water volume has previously been set).
To display the remaining water volume while water is being drawn, press the water volume ()
button. After a few seconds, the display returns to the temperature setting.
To turn off the water volume function before the alarm sounds, press the water volume () button
The water volume is measured as the water flows through the water heater. Therefore if more than one
hot tap is open, the alarm will respond to the total water volume drawn from all taps and the expected
water volume from the first tap will be decreased.
If the hot tap is closed before the set water volume flows through the water heater and the water
volume ( ) button is left on, then the alarm will sound when the remaining water volume is consumed
during a later operation. To prevent the alarm from sounding, press the water volume () button twice
to turn it off.
X 10L
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