This water heater is designed for use in a single family domestic dwelling for the purpose of heating potable
water. Its use in an application other than this may shorten its life.
The Rheem® continuous flow gas water heater model you have chosen is for outdoor installation only. This
model has an extended manufacturer’s warranty (refer to the Rheem warranty on page 83).
The water heater has a maximum preset outlet temperature setting of:
874 series 75°C
876 series 50°C
The 876 series water heater is marked “THIS APPLIANCE DELIVERS WATER NOT EXCEEDING 50°C
IN ACCORDANCE WITH AS 3498” on the front panel. This model;
must not be installed as an in-series gas booster to a solar water
heater, as water temperature greater than 50°C can be delivered
from the water heater contravening its compliance to AS 3498.
The 874 series water heater may be installed as an in-series gas
booster to a solar water heater. For information relating to the function
and operation of the solar water heater, refer to the Owner’s Guide
and Installation Instructions supplied with the solar water heater.
When installed as an in-series gas booster to a solar water heater, the
874 series water heater:
can deliver water at temperatures up to 70°C to 80°C for a
Premier Loline and Loline pumped system and a Hiline
thermosiphon system and possibly higher temperatures from a
Premier Hiline thermosiphon system.
during periods of low solar energy gain, will boost the water
temperature automatically to its preset outlet temperature setting.
The water heater is designed for direct connection to the mains water supply. If the mains supply pressure in
your area exceeds that shown on page 47, a pressure limiting valve must be fitted. The supply pressure
should be greater than 140 kPa for the rated flow and performance to be achieved.
The water heater operates automatically, heating water as it passes through the water heater. When a hot
tap is opened, the gas burners ignite to provide immediate heating of the water. The heat produced by the
burner is transferred to the water through the heat exchanger. The water is heated to a constant temperature
by the automatic adjustment of the gas supply to the burner to suit the water flow rate (refer to “Temperature
Control” on pages 11 to 40). The gas burners extinguish when the hot tap is closed.
Automatic safety controls are fitted to the water heater to provide safe and efficient operation.
At a cold start-up, i.e. when the water heater has not operated for some time (which is most often first thing
in the morning), the initial flow of hot water may be reduced for a period of 5-10 seconds while the heat
exchanger warms up. This is both an energy and water saving feature of this water heater. Once the
heat exchanger has warmed up the hot water flow will increase and remain at normal flow levels. This
feature will only occur at a cold start-up and not when the heat exchanger is already warm from a recent use
of hot water.
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