Water stored in the solar storage tank passes through the in-series gas booster when a hot tap is opened.
The in-series gas booster is for heating water at times of low solar energy gain, such as during cloudy or
rainy weather, or during colder months.
Solar heated water can reach temperatures up to 70°C to 80°C for a Premier Loline and Loline pumped
system and a Hiline thermosiphon system and possibly higher for a Premier Hiline thermosiphon system.
The in-series gas booster operates automatically. When the solar heated water temperature is 58°C or
higher, the flow passes through the in-series gas booster without boosting. When the solar heated water
temperature is below 58°C, the in-series gas booster heats the water to its preset outlet temperature setting.
The water heater may be installed with one or more user
adjustable temperature controllers, which allow you to choose
the most suitable temperature for your hot water needs (refer
to “Temperature Control” on page 11).
If a controller is not installed, the water heater heats the water
to the preset outlet temperature setting. The factory preset
outlet temperature setting is:
874 series 60°C
876 series 50°C
Note: The preset outlet temperature setting of this water
heater cannot be adjusted by the householder. The setting
can only be adjusted by the installer, Rheem Service or their
nearest Accredited Service Agent.
Note: AS 3498 requires that a water heater provides the means to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria in
potable water. When this water heater is used as an in-series booster for a solar water heater it can satisfy
this AS 3498 requirement provided it is energised, the booster preset outlet temperature setting is 70°C or
higher, and that a remote temperature controller is not used.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to this water heater (874 series) if it is installed as
an in-series gas booster with a solar water heater system because water at a temperature much higher than
the controller setting can be delivered. If a solar water heater is installed to an existing water heater
installation, then all controllers must be disconnected and removed.
If this water heater is installed as part of a solar water heater system, the system can deliver water at
temperatures from 58°C up to 80°C and possibly higher depending upon the model of solar water heater
This water heater can deliver water at temperatures which can cause scalding. Check the water temperature
before use, such as when entering a shower or filling a bath or basin, to ensure it is suitable for the
application and will not cause scald injury.
We recommend and it may be required by regulations that an approved temperature limiting device be fitted
into the hot water piping to the bathroom and ensuite when an 874 series water heater is installed. This will
keep the water temperature below 50°C at the bathroom and ensuite. The risk of scald injury will be reduced
and if no controllers are installed and the preset outlet temperature setting has not been adjusted below
55°C or if a Kitchen controller is installed, still allow hotter water to the kitchen and laundry.
An 876 series water heater will not deliver temperatures exceeding 50°C, in accordance with AS 3498. There
is no need to fit a temperature limiting device to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4, if an 876 series
water heater is installed in an application where 50°C is the maximum permissible hot water temperature at
the outlet of a sanitary fixture used primarily for personal hygiene purposes.
maximum Kitchen controller
temperature setting 874 series
maximum recommended supply
temperature to bathrooms and
maximum Bathroom controller
temperature setting 874 series
maximum Kitchen and Bathroom
controller temperature setting
876 series
minimum Kitchen and Bathroom
controller temperature setting
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