Location The controllers must be installed in dry, shaded and clean locations.
Do not install the controllers:
Near a heat source, such as a cook top, stove or oven. Heat, steam and smoke will interfere with the
electronic components of the controllers.
In direct sunlight.
In or near a wet area. The controllers are not waterproof. Water may damage the controllers.
Outdoors. The controllers are not weatherproof.
The standard Kitchen controller (Rheem PN 299853) or Kitchen Deluxe controller (Rheem PN 299861) is to
be installed in the kitchen or laundry only. It has a minimum temperature setting of 37°C and a maximum
temperature setting of:
874 series 60°C
876 series 50°C
Choose a suitable location for the Kitchen controller, away from water, heat and sunlight.
Kitchen Controller (Standard) Components
Kitchen Deluxe Controller Components
screw x 2
controller screw
Kitchen controller (standard)
base plate
screw x 2
controller screw
Kitchen Deluxe controller
base plate
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