1.1 This warranty is given by Rheem Australia Pty Limited ABN 21 098 823 511 of 1 Alan Street, Rydalmere New South Wales, the
supplier of Rheem continuous flow gas water heaters, manufactured by Paloma Co., Ltd., a world leader in water heater technology
and manufacture.
1.2 Rheem offer a trained and qualified national service network who will repair or replace components at the address of the water heater
subject to the terms of the Rheem warranty. Rheem Service, in addition can provide preventative maintenance and advice on the
operation of your water heater. The Rheem Service contact number is available 7 days a week on 131031 with Service personnel
available to take your call from 8am to 8pm daily (hours subject to change).
1.3 For details about this warranty, you can contact us on 131031 or by email at warrantyenquiry@rheem.com.au (not for service
1.4 The terms of this warranty and what is covered by it are set out in sections 2 and 3 and apply to water heaters manufactured after
1st May 2012.
1.5 If a subsequent version of this warranty is published, the terms of that warranty and what is covered by it will apply to water heaters
manufactured after the date specified in the subsequent version.
2.1 The decision of whether to repair or replace a faulty component is at Rheem’s sole discretion.
2.2 If you require a call out and we find that the fault is not covered by the Rheem warranty, you are responsible for our standard call out
charge. If you wish to have the relevant component repaired or replaced by Rheem, that service will be at your cost.
2.3 Where a failed component or cylinder is replaced under this warranty, the balance of the original warranty period will remain effective.
The replacement does not carry a new Rheem warranty.
2.4 Where the water heater is installed outside the boundaries of a metropolitan area as defined by Rheem or further than 25 km from
either a regional Rheem branch office or an Accredited Rheem Service Agent's office, the cost of transport, insurance and travelling
between the nearest branch office or Rheem Accredited Service Agent’s office and the installed site shall be the owner’s
2.5 Where the water heater is installed in a position that does not allow safe or ready access, the cost of that access, including the cost of
additional materials handling and/or safety equipment, shall be the owner’s responsibility. In other words, the cost of dismantling or
removing cupboards, doors or walls and the cost of any special equipment to bring the water heater to floor or ground level or to a
serviceable position is not covered by this warranty.
2.6 This warranty only applies to the original and genuine Rheem water heater in its original installed location and any genuine Rheem
replacement parts.
2.7 The Rheem warranty does not cover faults that are a result of:
a) Accidental damage to the water heater or any component (for example: (i) Acts of God such as floods, storms, fires, lightning
strikes and the like; and (ii) third party acts or omissions).
b) Misuse or abnormal use of the water heater.
c) Installation not in accordance with the Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions or with relevant statutory and local
requirements in the State or Territory in which the water heater is installed.
d) Connection at any time to a water supply that does not comply with the water supply guidelines as outlined in the Owner’s Guide
and Installation Instructions.
e) Repairs, attempts to repair or modifications to the water heater by a person other than Rheem Service or a Rheem Accredited
Service Agent.
f) Faulty plumbing or faulty gas or power supply.
g) Failure to maintain the water heater in accordance with the Owner's Guide and Installation Instructions.
h) Transport damage.
i) Fair wear and tear from adverse conditions (for example, corrosion).
j) Cosmetic defects.
k) Ice formation in the waterways of a water heater: where the electricity supply has been switched off or has failed and the water
heater has not been drained in accordance with the instructions; or due to an ambient temperature below -20°C (including wind
chill factor).
2.8 Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, this warranty excludes any and all claims for damage to furniture, carpet, walls,
foundations or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly due to leakage from the water heater, or due to leakage from
fittings and/ or pipe work of metal, plastic or other materials caused by water temperature, workmanship or other modes of failure.
2.9 If the water heater is not sized to supply the hot water demand in accordance with the guidelines in the Rheem water heater literature,
any resultant fault will not be covered by the Rheem warranty.
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