SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 1: Service Appliance 100 Overview
The SA-100 is a node that installs on a ShoreTel server site and performs processing
functions for conference calls and IM sessions. In conference calls, the SA-100 serves as a
hub that receives audio and data streams from the participants, bundles the streams, and
broadcasts the bundles to the other conference participants. The SA-100 also maintains
conference Web pages and manages IM sessions for users.
ShoreTel Telephony Management Service (TMS)and other ShoreTel software installed on
the SA-100 ensures the integration of the unit into the ShoreTel system. This allows the
system to use a universal conference number while directing conference requests to the
appropriate appliance in environments where more than one SA-100 is installed. The
software also allows the system to collect and store call data from the SA-100 where it can
be retrieved and viewed as Call Detail Records (CDR) in ShoreWare Director.
The conferencing and instant messaging services the SA-100 provide seamlessly integrate
with user desktop applications such as ShoreTel Communicator and Microsoft Outlook.
1.2 Distributed Conferencing Capabilities
ShoreTel SA-100s are scalable. Each SA-100 supports up to 50 ports allowing as many as 50
total participants in the aggregate of conference calls or 500 IM users. A ShoreTel system
can support up to five SA-100. That means that a ShoreTel system can support up to 250
aggregate participants or 2500 IM users.
In deployment, SA-100s are assigned to ShoreTel sites (regions managed by a ShoreTel
server). SA-100 may be assigned to physical or logical ShoreTel sites. One SA-100 must be
assigned to the ShoreTel Headquarters site or the headquarters backup site which may be
located anywhere on the network (see the ShoreTel 12: ShoreTel System Administration Guide
for information about creating ShoreTel server sites).
NOTE We recommend that you create backup sites for each SA-100 that you deploy.
When multiple SA-100s are deployed, the ShoreTel system automatically assigns a
conference request to the appropriate appliance based on the conference information.
Multiple deployment also allows automatic failover to be implemented whereby the
ShoreTel server can reroute conference requests to other appliances should a SA-100
experience a connectivity or hardware problem.
1.3 Single System Management
The ShoreTel system is a comprehensive unified communications solution. It allows you to
manage the entire ShoreTel network from a single point of entry: ShoreWare Director. After
you install the SA-100 on the network, you must register the unit with ShoreWare Director,
use ShoreWare Director to configure the unit for operation, and configure the system to use
the SA-100. This document describes how to use ShoreWare Director to register the SA-100
and perform the set up required to use the appliance in the ShoreTel system. For
information about using ShoreWare Director, refer to the ShoreTel 12: ShoreTel System
Administration Guide.
NOTE The ShoreTel system provides automated software distribution for all components
on the system including the SA-100. When you add a new SA-100 to the system, it
is automatically upgraded to the current software release by the ShoreTel server.
When you upgrade the ShoreTel system, SA-100s will automatically upgrade as
required when the device restarts.
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