SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 1: Service Appliance 100 Overview
1.5 ShoreTel Conferencing and IM Capacities
1.6 Service Appliance Failover
The ShoreTel system is designed to provide high availability throughout the system. The
SA-100 is designed to provide high availability in other ways. The system is set up so that
you can assign each SA-100 a primary and backup ShoreTel server to manage the unit. If
the primary ShoreTel server fails or is otherwise unavailable, the backup server takes over
the call management duties without interrupting conferencing services. The SA-100 also
uses a dual-port Ethernet card. The ports are designated as primary and secondary, and use
the same IP address. You can connect both ports to the same network to protect against a
port or cable failure, or you can connect each port to a separate network to ensure that if
the primary network fails the unit continues to provide conference services unabated.
1.7 Service Appliance Logs and Records
ShoreTel SA-100 provide audio and Web conference data to the ShoreTel system that is
collected in the call detail record (CDR) database. The ShoreTel system can collate the data
and issue various types of reports about SA-100 activity.
The SA-100 also maintains data log files that can be used for troubleshooting.
1.8 Integration with ShoreTel Communicator and
Microsoft Outlook
The SA-100 integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 to
provide integrated one-click conference scheduling in conjunction with user calender
appointments. Additionally, ShoreTel Conferencing services integrate with ShoreTel
Communicator for Web conferencing integration with scheduled, reservationless and
Instant Conferences.
See the ShoreTel Conferencing User Guide for details on the use of these features.
Table 1-1 Service Appliance 100 Capacity Limit
Scope Capacities
System-Wide Up to 5 Service Appliances
Up to 2500 IM users
Up to 250 simultaneous audio conferencing ports
Up to 150 simultaneous secure Web conferencing ports
Each Service Appliance Up to 500 IM clients
Up to 50 simultaneous audio conferencing ports
(including 15 HD calls)
Up to 30 simultaneous secure Web conferencing ports
Up to 15 high definition conferences
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