ShoreTel 12.1 15
Planning and System Design
This chapter guides you through the planning process for deploying the ShoreTel Service
Appliance 100 on your network. Topic discussed in the chapter include:
"Recommendations" section on page 15
"Determining Your Conferencing Needs" section on page 15
"Licensing Requirements" section on page 17
2.1 Recommendations
The following recommendations will assist you in designing your ShoreTel system to use
ShoreTel conferencing capabilities.
Make sure you determine the need for audio conferencing, Web conferencing and
Instant Messaging services.
Make sure you determine licensing requirements
Make sure you determine the placement of SA-100 within the ShoreTel system
topology, including external Web access and security considerations.
Make sure you determine WAN considerations, quality and bandwidth.
2.2 Determining Your Conferencing Needs
The ShoreTel single management system makes it easy for you to effectively and cost-
efficiently provide conference and IM services for your users. The ShoreTel conferencing
solution is flexible allowing you to install a single SA-100 unit to provide services
company-wide or multiple units deployed regionally to handle services for local users
which can save on long-distance cost when your regions are in distant locations.
In determining how best to deploy SA-100s in your environment, consider the following:
The number of simultaneous conferences you want to support.
The types of conferences you expect to support.
The number of IM sessions you expect to support.
The typology of your network.
Load balancing
Failover (redundancy)
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