Chapter 2: Planning and System Design SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 17
connections, limited WAN bandwidth or known WAN quality issues, installing SA-100s at
regional sites and implementing load balancing can minimize the effect the WAN has on
conference calls. Similarly, if your ShoreTel system is servicing users in different cities or
countries and many of the conferences are held at local sites, you can save on long distance
charges by installing SA-100s at the local sites to handle local conferences.
NOTE We recommend that you do not install the SA-100 in a network where latency
exceeds 100ms. To operate the SA-100 optimally, network latency and jitter must
be minimized. Also we recommend that the ping lag time between the SA-100 and
the ShoreTel headquarters server does not exceed 200ms. This lag time affects how
quickly Web pages refresh.
2.2.3 Considering Load Balancing
The ShoreTel system supports load balancing for conferences using the SA-100. The
ShoreTel system manages all calls in the system including conference calls from a single
source. That means that when a conference is initiated, the ShoreTel manager can assess
conference resources and shift the conference to an available SA-100 if the local unit does
not have sufficient resources.
2.2.4 Considering Redundancy
The ShoreTel SA-100 supports failover in cases where a unit loses connectivity or fails. In
the event of a loss of network connectivity or unit failure, the ShoreTel system will redirect
new conference calls to another SA-100 unit if resources are available.
2.3 Licensing Requirements
Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing services are enabled through keyed licenses for
Audio Conference ports and Web Conference ports. Licenses enable concurrent access to
the services, rather than per user or per appliance. Instant Messaging is enabled through
the use of Professional Access level and above.
Example: You have a single SA-100 which supports 50 G711 audio conference
streams and 30 secure Web sessions. To run a concurrent audio/secure Web
conference for 30 participants would require 30 Audio Conference and 30
Web Conference licenses.
These keys are added to the system in the same manner as existing keyed licenses.
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