ShoreTel 12.1 19
Network Requirements and
Use the information in this chapter to determine specific network requirements for the
ShoreTel Service Appliance 100. After determining the network requirements, you will be
ready to configure your network appropriately. The topics discussed in this chapter
"Overview" section on page 19
"Network Requirements" section on page 19
"IP Addressing" section on page 20
"Time Services" section on page 20
"Network Security" section on page 21
"Deployment Scenarios" section on page 21
3.1 Overview
The SA-100 performs conference processing for the ShoreTel system. It mixes the audio
and data streams, then distributes the mixed streams to participating endpoints. It also
maintains communication with the ShoreTel Headquarters server which stores data that is
used in the conference pages. During a conference, the conference page will be refreshed as
the host uses it.
The SA-100 behaves like an endpoint in a conference call. It relies on the ShoreTel server to
perform call setup and teardown. In order to maximize the productivity enhancements
provided by these services, the underlying network must be robust and properly
This chapter provides additional considerations relative to the Service Appliance 100 and
the integrated applications.
3.2 Network Requirements
ShoreTel Conferencing services require that the underlying network meet all ShoreTel
recommendations. Refer to the ShoreTel 12 Planning and Installation Guide for more
information regarding ShoreTel system recommendations. The following lists provides
things you to consider when planning your system for audio and Web conferences.
For audio conference streams:
Delivers adequate bandwidth for toll-quality calls.
Meets the latency and jitter requirements for toll-quality calls.
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