SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 3: Network Requirements and Preparation
Meets the packet loss requirements for toll-quality voice.
Bandwidth management to prioritize your voice traffic over your data traffic.
Proper configuration of the ShoreTel system’s Admission Control feature for each
For Web conference streams:
Delivers adequate bandwidth for the typical application you expect users to share.
Maintain a ping lag of not more that 100 ms between the SA-100 and the ShoreTel
Headquarters server.
3.2.1 Supported Codecs and Bandwidth
Table 3-1 shows the codecs that the ShoreTel SA-100 supports.
3.3 IP Addressing
The SA-100 requires an IP address with a permanent lease or a static IP address. Either of
the following methods may be used to assign network parameters:
DHCP from a network server (default out-of-the-box option)
A static IP configured through the maintenance port on the back of the SA-100.
The SA-100 also requires a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) during configuration in
ShoreWare Director.
See "Installing the Service Appliance 100" section on page 33 for more information about
configuring the IP address.
3.4 Time Services
The SA-100 requires a connection to time services in order to support ShoreTel
Conferencing services.
The address of the NTP server can be provided to the SA-100 through DHCP option 004 (if
DHCP is used) or configured statically.
Table 3-1 Codecs the ShoreTel Service Appliance 100 Supports
Codec Bandwid
Rate Max Number of
Audio Streams
Max number of SRTP
G711 (both a-
law and μ-
64kbps 8kHz 50 50
DV14/ADPCM 32kbps 8kHz 50 50
Linear (L16/
128kbps 8kHz 50 No Support
Linear (L16/
256kbps 16kHz 50 No Support
G722 64kbps 16kHz 15 15
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