SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 3: Network Requirements and Preparation
3.6.1 Deployment in the LAN
In the scenario where the SA-100 is deployed on the trusted internal network as shown in
Figure 3-1, the following apply:
Figure 3-1 Deployment in the LAN
The network requires port-forwarding through the firewall which is restricted to
Web ports (80-unsecure & 443-HTTPS). Alternatively, a reverse-proxy server can be
used instead of port-forwarding but this requires the provision of an additional
The network requires DNS configuration both internally to resolve internal
addresses and externally to resolve to external addresses.
Alternatively, a network can be configured with DNS configured for external
addressing only and a host file configurated to handle traffic internally.
3.6.2 Deployment in the DMZ
Deploying the ShoreTel Appliance 100 (SA-100)in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) is the
preferred method to facilitate external traffic. This requires the firewall between the DMZ
and the LAN to be properly configured for ShoreTel Voice Switch ports as shown in Figure
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