SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 4: Site Requirements and Preparation
1. MTBF estimates the effective reliability of the SA-100 system. MTBF is calculated using the Bellcore
reliability model.
NOTE Files are not automatically deleted. Users must remove their own files. Excessive
clutter on the drive can affect performance.
Table 4-2 provides typical consumption information for an SA-100 operating at 110v AC at
4.2.1 Front Panel
This section provides information about the SA-100 front panel. Figure 4-1 and Table 4-3
provide information about the SA-100 front panel. In addition, a bezel is shipped with the
unit that you can attach to the front panel and lock. The bezel blocks access to jacks on the
front panel.
Figure 4-1 SA-100 Front Panel Indicators and Connectors
Power 250 Watts
Hard Disk 215 GB (Up to 800 hours of conference data including
reports, recordings, and library files can be stored on the
Heat Dissipation 1039 BTU/hour maximum
Operating Temperature 10° to 35° C with a maximum temperature gradation of 10
degrees C per hour.
Humidity 20-80% relative humidity (non-condensing) with a
maximum humidity gradation of 10% per hour.
MTBF153,200 hours
Table 4-2 Consumption Rates
Parameter Value
Input Power 108 watts @368.5 btu/h
Input Current 1.0 amps
Sound Power Level 6.9 db
Airflow Rate 25.6 CFM (12.1 l/s)
Air Temperature Rise 13.7°F (7.6°C)
Table 4-1 ShoreTel Service Appliance 100 Physical Specifications (Continued)
Parameter Service Appliance 100 (SA-100)
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