SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 4: Site Requirements and Preparation
4.3 Power Cable
Each SA-100 ships with a power cable. If you do not receive the correct power cable for
your environment, contact your ShoreTel partner or ShoreTel technical support.
NOTE ShoreTel recommends that you connect the SA-100 to a reputable surge protector
or uninterruptable power supply (UPS).
4.4 Ethernet Ports
The SA-100 uses an auto-sensing, 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface. Two RJ-48C Ethernet
connections (GB1 and GB2) are provided to provide fault-tolerant deployment. The ports
use the same MAC Ethernet address and IP address but are independent of each other and
can be used in any sequence. However, when both ports are connected, only one will be
active at a time. Should the active interface lose the link, the other interface is made active.
You must use Category 5 or higher cabling.
The SA-100 provides two methods of fault tolerance. To protect against Ethernet switch
failure, connect Ethernet ports GB1 and GB2 to separate Ethernet switches. To protect
against port or cable failure, connect LAN1 and LAN2 to separate ports on the same
Ethernet switch.
Table 4-4 SA-100 Rear Panel Indicators and Connectors
Indicator, Button, or
Connector Description
1 iDRAC6 Enterprise
Not used.
2 Serial connector (DB9) Connects a serial device to the system. Used to configure
static IP address.
3VGA Connector Not used.
4eSATA Not used.
5 (2) USB Connectors Allows you to connects USB devices to the unit for system
recovery. The ports are USB 2.0-compliant.
6(2) Ethernet
Supports 10base-T, 100base-T and 1000base-T
7, 8 System identification
button and indicator
These front and back panel buttons can be used to locate a
particular system within a rack containing multiple
appliances. When a button is pushed, both front and back
indicators light until the button is pushed again, allowing
the specific appliance to be easily located.
9 Power supply
Allows you connect power to the unit.
10 Retention clip Secures the power cable.
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