ShoreTel 12.1 33
Installing the Service Appliance 100
This chapter provides information about mounting the SA-100 in a rack, assigning the unit
an IP Address, and connecting it to the network. The topics discussed in this chapter
“Preparing for Installation” on page -33
“Verifying the Contents of the SA-100 Box” on page -34
“Mounting the ShoreTel Service Appliance 100” on page -34
“Setting the IP Address Manually” on page -34
“Plugging the SA-100 into the Network” on page -37
“Connecting the Bezel” on page -38
“Configuring the Unit for Operation” on page -38
5.1 Preparing for Installation
The section lists things that are recommended and required to install a ShoreTel SA-100.
Computer mounting rack capable of supporting 1U equipment.
Adequate clearance in the front and back of the rack to allow adequate ventilation.
Reputable surge protector or UPS.
IP address to assign to the SA-100.
NOTE: ShoreTel recommends that you assign a static IP address to the SA-100.
IP address of the gateway that you want the SA-100 to use.
Subnet address that you want the SA-100 to use.
Computer with a terminal emulation program installed.
DB-9 serial cable.
The IP network between the main and remote sites meets the bandwidth, latency,
jitter, and packet loss requirements for a multisite installation.
The IP network between the main and remote site has quality of service in place such
that voice is prioritized ahead of data.
You have appropriate firewall considerations in place including VPN if applicable.
All power and environmental requirements are met.
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