SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 5: Installing the Service Appliance 100
5.2 Verifying the Contents of the SA-100 Box
This section lists the items you should receive in your ShoreTel SA-100 package. Inspect
the package carefully before you open it and contact the shipper if it is damaged. If items
are missing from the package, contact your ShoreTel partner or ShoreTel technical support.
The items in the box include the following:
ShoreTel Service Appliance 100
Power cord
Rack mounting kit
ShoreTel front bezel kit
ShoreTel Quick Install Guide.
Product Information Guide
5.3 Mounting the ShoreTel Service Appliance 100
The SA-100 is shipped with a rack mounting kit that includes mounting instructions. The
kit is designed to accommodate different types of equipment racks. Use the kit instructions
to attach the rails to the SA-100 and mount the unit in the rack.
CAUTION Make sure there is ample space between the front panel and back panel of the
SA-100 and any other surface to allow ample ventilation for the unit.
5.4 Connecting the Power Cable
The SA-100 is shipped with a power cable that is appropriate for the location to which it is
shipped. If you receive the wrong cable with the unit, contact your ShoreTel partner or
ShoreTel technical support.
WARNING Electrical surges in the AC line can damage unprotected equipment. ShoreTel
recommends that you use a reputable AC surge protector or UPS to connect
the SA-100 to the AC line.
Press the power button on the front panel (see “Front Panel” on page -28) to turn the unit
on. The LED in the power button comes on and the SA-100 performs a start-up process.
The fan spins up and a sequence of numbers flash on the LED block on the front panel. The
fan will quiet down and a solid LED appear when the process is complete. The process
takes about 30 seconds. If the fan does not come on or the numbers do not flash, ensure
that the power cord is plugged into the power source and the power source is working. If
the appliance still fails to power on, contact your ShoreTel partner or ShoreTel technical
5.5 Setting the IP Address Manually
This section describes how to set the IP address on the SA-100 manually. ShoreTel
recommends that you use a static IP address for the SA-100. You can also use DHCP to
assign the unit an IP address. If you choose to use DHCP, you must configure the DHCP
server with address information for the SA-100 prior to turning on the unit. You can use
the instruction provided in this section to obtain the Ethernet address of the unit.
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